Where’s Hodderscape?

By Anne Perry

Posted on October 28, 2013 in Books with tags Events and exhibitions

tidhar coverIt’s a busy week at Hodderscape Towers: we have author events galore, and will be topping things off down in Brighton beginning Thursday morning, when the World Fantasy Convention kicks off! So here’s what’s going on, and who you can see and when!

Authors attending World Fantasy


hhih bigThis evening, Lavie will be appearing on a panel (moderated by yours truly) with such luminaries as Tim Powers and Kate Griffin, discussing secret histories in literature. The event is from 6.30 to 8 at Blackwell’s Charing Cross, so if you’re in town, do drop by! It’s sure to be amazing.

On Wednesday evening, we’ll be co-hosting drinks with our friends at J for Jetpack for Daniel Polansky to celebrate the publication of She Who Waits (which hits shelves on Thursday). Paul Wiseall will be discussing the Low Town trilogy and other fantasy worlds with Daniel from 7 pm. The event is being held on the top floor of the lovely Old Crown pub, 33 New Oxford Street (just off Tottenham Court Road) WC1A 1BH, and everyone’s invited!

Our World Fantasy Schedule

  • On Thursday afternoon, from 3 to 4, Oliver will be participating in a panel conversation about editing (When does copy-editing go too far?). The man’s been in the business for more than 20 years, and has great stories; you won’t want to miss this!Nunslinger jacket
  • On Friday, Tad Williams will be hosting a Kaffeclatch from 11-12.
  • On Friday evening from 8.30 to 10, there will be a mass signing; all our authors will be present and accounted for, with dodo-decorated name cards (so it’ll be easy to spot them).
  • On Saturday, from 5-6, Tad will be discussing high fantasy (When Elvish has left the building) in the Oxford Suite.
  • And on Sunday, Tad will be discussing fantasy by California authors (California sorcery, in Hall 4) – as a California native, I don’t need to be told that it’s the greatest state in the nation. But I’m always happy to hear it reconfirmed…

And, of course, everyone will be around for a drink or to sign anything! Additionally, Oliver and I will be floating around all weekend. If you come say hello (and you really should; we’re good fun), we might even give you a Nunslinger temporary tattoo. I’ll be modelling one all weekend.

We can’t wait to see you around!


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