What We Do In The Shadows Review

By Fleur Clarke

Posted on November 26, 2014 in Film with tags Film Review, Vampires

The premise of What We Do In The Shadows and the jokes it spawns are fairly simple: a documentary crew is invited to film the day-to-day lives of four vampire flatmates. Ranging from 8,000 years old to a sprightly 183, these vampires span the undead spectrum from Nosferatu ghoul to 18th century dandy. They’re all a bit past their sell-by-date and the mockumentary opens with a flat meeting where they squabble about whose turn it is to clean the ‘bloody dishes’.

What We Do In The Shadows

Being a vampire, it transpires, kind of sucks. The only ‘evil bidding’ the once feared Vladislav the Poker does is on eBay, eighteenth century dandy Viago’s long lost love is now in an elderly care home and their new recruit can’t stop bragging about Twilight. Just going out to a club is a minor fiasco when you can’t use a mirror to inspect your outfit and you require a formal invitation to get past the bouncers.

Stealing moves from Lost Boys and drinking Virgin blood ‘because it sounds cool’, they’re trying to be the vampires we know and love, but hilariously failing.

Vampire Dancing

The gags in What We Do In The Shadows aren’t particularly sophisticated, and it’s not going to revolutionise the vampire genre, but the jokes are funny, frequent and sometimes quite sweet. The creators clearly have a lot of affection for the subject their parodying, and anyone who’s a fan of the genre will find lots to enjoy.

Not convinced? Watch the trailer!


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