We’ve had a makeover!

By Fleur Clarke

Posted on March 8, 2015 in News with tags Pickwick

You may have noticed that we’re looking a bit different today. We’re so glad you noticed.

We’ve made lots of changes to our site to make it easier to read our posts (begone dark background!), find the stuff you’re looking for and get the latest information about our books.

There’s much to enjoy over at our Books page, where you can look through our books in order of publication and sort through them by genre. Over there you’ll also find our handy catalogue.  You’ll also find buy links on our books. We recommend you use those liberally.

Hopefully we’re looking a lot easier on the eye, and dotted around the site you’ll see Pickwick in a variety of context-appropriate costumes. Our site was designed by Bookswarm, who deserve a medal for putting up with Pickwick’s diva-like demands, as well as creating something that looks professional, while also incorporating a dodo dressed as a sheriff.

Dodo WesternParanormal Romance DodoDodo Urban Fantasy
We’ve done our best to get things right, but if you do notice any errors please send us a quick message, and lend the dodo your eagle eyes.

If you’ve got something you’d like to write for our blog, please get in touch. We offer payment (and books!) for articles.

To celebrate our makeover we’re also running a little giveaway. Head over here to enter. We’ve got books by Jasper Fforde, Stephen King, Warren Ellis and David Mitchell up for grabs.

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