Weekend Roundup: Godzilla

By Sharan Matharu

Posted on May 19, 2014 in Film with tags Bryan Cranston, Film, Godzilla, Weekend Round Up

Okay guys… I’m SO CONFUSED.

I watched Godzilla at the weekend and I just can’t seem to understand how I feel about it. This is going to be a very **spoiler** heavy post, so if you haven’t seen it yet STOP NOW and go watch it!

Firstly, don’t be fooled by the trailer! Bryan Cranston is BARELY in this film, it is led by Aaron Taylor-Johnson (you may remember him as Kick-Ass from Kick-Ass), a young soldier Ford Brody. Putting that aside, TJ wasn’t bad, he led the film well despite me feeling as though I had been lied to. At times I felt like I was watching an expensive version of Mega Shark vs. Giant Octopus, which ISN’T necessarily a bad thing, as you know we at Hodderscape do love a good bit o’ Mega Shark.

Okay it’s not really like MS v. GO, but I just wanted to include the gif.

Godzilla was visually amazing at some points. I went with a friend and we just kept looking at each other and raising our eyebrows at how awesome some scenes were. You’ll recognise a favourite of mine from one of the posters that was released, though it looks much more impressive in the film itself.

I’m not going to lie to you, the film had a lot of plot holes – big and small. It was also rather irritating with how it threw you this way and that in anticipation: towards the beginning of the film you are faced with a pod that pulsates with the absorbed radiation emitted from a destroyed power plant (the plant was destroyed 15 years previously killing Ford’s mother), you are unsure of how this is Godzilla… pods? Then the Kaiju is shown – it ISN’T Godzilla.

How. Frustrating.

Getting past the eagerness to see the King of the Monsters, you realise the Kaiju (called M.U.T.O) looked fantastic – like an organic yet metallic version of J.J. Abrams’s Cloverfield monster. It even releases an electromagnetic pulse (EMP), making weapons pretty much ineffective. This is where I realised I’d be watching some monster on monster action – my earlier disappoint was alleviated and I was looking forward to seeing a showdown.

Enter plot holes. We find out that Godzilla is hunting the M.U.T.O, but we don’t have any real reason why – apart from the fact that Godzilla is the apex predator. We find out that there are in fact TWO M.U.T.O., a male and a female who are trying to mate, their mating calling is what drew out Godzilla – who for some reason has not been seen or heard from since 1954 when he was awakened by a Russian military submarine accident. Again, for no particular reason the M.U.T.O are drawn to San Francisco, which can you believe JUST SO HAPPENS to be where the family of our protagonist are. That’s just bad luck, right? It’s all so hole-y.

Ignoring all of this, you finally get a good look at Godzilla. He looks amazing. They got him spot on, not like the lizard in the 1998 Hollywood version, he is bulky and menacing. Though the film tries to frustrated you even more when it shows Godzilla and a M.U.T.O. about to rip into each other and then it cuts scene. I was severely unhappy, but I will say this was probably a very good choice – it made even more eager to see a big fight between the two beasts. I was not disappointed, the battle of the Kaijus was frikin AWESOME. I have to say, when all you see on screen is smoke and then all of a sudden the spikes on Godzilla’s back start to light up with atomic energy, working its way up to his mouth… holy frik on a stick, I just about died. It looked epic, and that is not the over-used version of epic, it is full on visually stunning. It only got better from there, with Godzilla killing both of the M.U.T.O. – the female being killed by Godzilla firing the atomic energy into her mouth and then tearing off her face. Dear sweet Lord, it was crazy how great that was.

So, to sum up… This film was fantastic, not because it made a lot of sense or had an entirely great plot. Simply because the visual effects were simply awe-inspiring, the plot was acceptable and the actors were decent. It was a good attempt at a Hollywood remake, it didn’t quite hit the mark on plot like the 1954 original, but it surpassed expectations on the effects. I was left confused – I saw all its flaws, but despite that I absolutely loved this movie. Make sure you watch it in the cinema, it isn’t a wait for the DVD/TV release film. Cinematic experience is everything.


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