Weekend Recommendation


By Sarah Dyer

Posted on September 6, 2013 in Film, Fun Stuff with tags Riddick, Weekend Recommendation

There’s two films I could be talking to you about today, and those are Riddick and About Time.

Unfortunately, while there’s no doubt that About Time will be better received by critics, rom-coms make me feel a bit queasy. Riddick it is!

I was a huge fan of Pitch Black. I thought that it was a fun action movie, but with all the aesthetic of a gritty 80’s sci-fi which I much prefer over the slick and shiny films of today.

While I missed out on Chronicles Of Riddick, I’m still really excited to see the latest film in the trilogy. With Vin Diesel himself producing, the trailer promises a mix of the first two films; with Riddick fighting off not only aliens but also bounty hunters.

However, a word of warning. If you’ve never seen any of the Riddick films before, don’t go into this one expecting to see a movie that will change your life. Like most of Vin Diesel’s films, it’s bound to be a bit dumb, a bit Riddick-ulous (see what I did there?), but a whole lot of fun!

Oh, and as a nice little Friday treat, here’s Vin doing the Peter Panda Dance from the surprisingly not-actually-that-bad family film The Pacifier!


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