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By Anne Perry

Posted on July 5, 2013 in Film, Fun Stuff, Television with tags Weekend Recommendation

The weekend! Hurrah! And if we’re very lucky it’ll even be nice out this weekend. But if it isn’t – or, if you’re like me and prefer things cool and overcast – then indoor activities are just the ticket.

Here are a few ideas:


Monsters University opens next week! A prequel to Pixar’s 2001 classic, Monsters Inc., Monsters University sheds light on the beginning of the unlikely bromance of fuzzy, solid Sully and short, energetic Mike Wazowski. Pixar’s output is dependably excellent and dependably beautiful, so you’re sure to enjoy yourself, no matter how hard it is to imagine that Pixar could top the mind-bending lunacy of Monsters, Inc.’s finale. If you can’t be bothered, I strongly suggest rewatching Monsters Inc. (Keep your eyes peeled for the sweet Ray Harryhausen shout-out.)

Opening this week is Now You See Me, an Ocean’s Eleven meets The Prestige mashup of police procedural and buddy/caper flick, with magicians (!), starring Woody Harrelson, Morgan Freeman, and endearingly scruffy Mark Ruffalo, whom we all really wish would just go make a buddy/caper flick with Robert Downy Jr. (Stark & Banner Inc., anyone?)


Of course, you might just want to save yourself a couple of quid and stay in, in which case Luther has returned to TV! Surely you set your tv-recording-thingummy on Tuesday and recorded the first episode of the new series, in which Idris Elba broods his way through East London? If not, get thee a copy of Series 1 and start at the beginning. Fun fact: Luther’s office exteriors are shot outside the Forbidden Planet head office, Titan House, in south London.

Other Stuff

If you really must insist on going outside and doing things, here are a couple of ideas:

  1. Are you in or around London? Head up to Dalston House, a Beyond Barbican installation in north-east London, and take some nifty photos of yourself letting your inner Spider-Man loose.
  2. Are you in or around Edinburgh? Pay a visit to the Surgeons’ Hall Museum, at the Edinburgh Royal College of Surgeons. You’ll want a strong stomach to view the collections, (which include a permanent exhibit on the history of surgery), but if you haven’t got a strong stomach of your own, the Surgeons’ Hall will cheerfully provide one.
  3. Are you around the Dorset Coast? Put on your wellies and march yourself down to Lyme Regis for an afternoon spent hunting ammonites (essentially fossilized snails with ridges) and belemnites (essentially fossilized squid-butts). Check the tides, of course, and don’t forget to buy yourself a big packet of Dorset fudge to take home.


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  • Jamie says:

    I’m needing a serious catch up with Luther before I can hit season 3. I don’t know which to see first out of Monsters University and Despicable Me 2, either …

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