Wednesday Wonder

By Sarah Dyer

Posted on September 25, 2013 in Fun Stuff with tags Lilith, Wednesday Wonder

One thing I love about doing these Wednesday Wonders is the chance to find out the real origins behind names I’ve heard before, whether in books, cartoons or video games. Today’s entry, Lilith, is one of those such names.

In fact, the illustration for this piece is Lilith as she appears in the, quite frankly fantastic, video game series Darksiders.


A night monster and vampire, probably of Babylonian origin, said to haunt wildernesses in stormy weather and to be spoecially dangerous to children. The name is from a Semitic root meaning ‘night’ which was the special time of this demon’s activities. In rabbinical writings, she is supposed to have been the first wife of Adam. She is referred to in Isaiah 34:14 as the ‘screech-owl’ in the Authorised Version and the ‘night-monster’ in the Revised Version and as Lamia in the Vulgate. A supersitious cult of Lilith persisted among certain Jews until the 7th century.



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