Wednesday Wonder

By Sarah Dyer

Posted on September 18, 2013 in Fun Stuff with tags Superheroes, Wednesday Wonder

For today’s Wednesday Wonder, we’re doing something a little bit different.

For the past couple of weeks, to celebrate the upcoming publication of Lavie Tidhar’s The Violent Century, I’ve been asking you to name your favourite superheroes… but with a twist! I set a number of ‘categories’ from best vehicle to best sidekick, so let’s see which heroes topped the various lists!

First up, I asked for the best superhero name. You guys seem to really like your simple, strong names, such as Vigilante, Huntress and Shadowcat… but Zoe Markham bucked the trend with her suggestion… Captain Underpants! My personal favourite? Kazzy’s suggestion on Facebook: Radioactive Man.

Next on the list: costumes! Caleb raised a very valid point of “no capes!” but how could we disagree with Ben Peyton’s shout out for Pieman? Honorable mention should also go to Michelle Pheiffer’s Catwoman costume from Tim Burton’s Batman Returns, as suggested by Rayna.

When it came to who had the best sidekick, there was one clear winner: The Tick! Loads of you suggested it! Also, Kazzy was back with her love of The Simpsons’ heroes with her suggestion for Fallout Boy, and I loved Tade’s answer of Bluntman, from the mind of Kevin Smith.

The Gaming Writer thought that Superman has the best mode of transport, unless there’s Kyrptonite or magic nearby. Philip threw in a vote for Silver Surfer while Lavie Tidhar went for… Molemen.

Of course, no superhero is complete without an arch-nemesis and, again, we had a very clear winner! The Joker, Two-Face, The Penguin… the winner just had to be Batman! That said, Tade raised the very good point that John Constantine has to put up with all the forces of hell. Tough break.

So, what do you guys think? Do you agree with some of the answers, or do you have your own favourite superheroes? Let us know on Facebook, Twitter or the comments below!


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