The Pilgrimage

By Sharan Matharu

Posted on September 17, 2013 in Fun Stuff with tags The Pilgrimage

So as you probably know, I’m a fairly new addition to the Hodderscape team. I’ve been writing blog posts on here for a good couple of months now, however I feel like I’m still merely dipping my toes into a sea of unexplored depths. I love SF, Fantasy and Horror – yet I seem to always be out of the know with the classics, the favourites and the genre(s) as a whole. Who wants that?! No-one, that’s who. So I’ve decided that the best way for me to become more familiar with our oh-so loved world of the fantastical is for me to start a new venture – The Pilgrimage.

This is literally going to be me exploring all the different sub-genres and as well as the nooks and crannies within the vaguely defined parameters of the genres. Now this is going to be extremely fluid and (hopefully) interactive, so whenever you read something you agree/disagree with (for example a book review or simply some research I’ve done) then just shout out – give me your suggestions for what I should read for future posts, start up a discussion about what you think about my views on what I’ve already posted on – anything you like. I want to know as much about what you think as possible – it’s the only way to grow, right?

So you can enjoy the musings of someone who loves a genre that they unfortunately don’t know too much about. I will listen and react to your suggestions as well as explore all the different mediums these genres are explored in (TV, movies, books, and comics) so remember you can help dictate what I look into.

I’ll be a leaf on the wind; watch how I soar.


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