The Hodderscape Review Project!

By Anne Perry

Posted on June 7, 2013 in News with tags Hodderscape Review Project

We’re lucky in genre: our readership is thoroughly involved in our publication process. You really care about what’s being published, you look forward to new releases, and, just as importantly, you regularly engage with books that have been out for a while. Not just classics, but personal favourites, guilty pleasures, and books you feel deserve more recognition than they receive.  Not to mention, of course, books you feel deserve less!

What this all amounts to is a spectacular, ongoing and ever-evolving conversation – in person and online – about the books we all love. From conversations on a Friday night at the local pub to academic debates about how the Marxist interpretation of history applies to the works of China Miéville, we’ve all got opinions, and we all love to share them.

That’s what this new blog is all about – that conversation.

And so we’ve devised the Hodderscape Review Project. Twenty hand-picked reviewers. Twelve carefully-selected books.

One year.

Here’s how it works: On the first of every month (or the Friday before, if it falls on a weekend), we’ll announce our Review Project title for the month, and talk a little about why we’ve chosen it. The book may be an undisputed classic. It may be something you’ve never heard of. It may (or may not) be a Hodder publication.

Over the course of the month, we’ll feature reviews of the book from our Review Project participants.  Each participant has been chosen because of the honest, thoughtful, critical consideration they bring to the reviews they publish elsewhere.
This month we’ll be introducing our participants, a few at a time, here on the blog. And, on July 1st, we’ll announce our first Review Project title. The Project will only run until July 1st, 2014, so only twelve books will be chosen. We very much hope that you join in the conversation!


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