The Gemmell Awards!

gemmell awards

By Anne Perry

Posted on April 21, 2015 in Fun Stuff with tags Awards

Awards season is in full-swing. Today we’re delighted to highlight our Gemmell Award-nominated titles!

We’ve got several books on the Gemmell Awards longlist this year – and the vote is both public and open! (You can read all about the award here.) So if you have a moment, please mosey on over to the Gemmell Award website, admire the swanky new design… and vote! Now, obviously, you should vote for your favourites in all categories. But if you’d like a little steer, well…

In the Legend Award category for best novel, you’ll find many fine, fine novels, including

  • Smiler’s Fair, by Rebecca Levenesleeping late on judgement day
  • Lagoon, by Nnedi Okorafor

And in the Ravenheart Award category for best cover art, you’ll see an array of the best fantasy cover art has to offer, including

  • work by our very own Ben Summers, whose cover for Tad Williams’ third Bobby Dollar novel, Sleeping Late on Judgement Day is among the nominees

You may remember Ben – he did the Kitschies-nominated cover for A Man Lies Dreaming, and is also responsible for the creepy, brilliant covers for The Three, Day Four and a few forthcoming titles we haven’t revealed yet. Sleeping Late‘s cover incorporates elements, particularly the colour schemes, from the previous two books in the series, specifically so that all three look awesome next to each other. (Because we’re completeists, and want to make certain that our series look superb on your shelves.) We don’t have a photo of all three Bobby Dollar novels lined up together to share with you, but if you do… feel free to share!

Whatever happens and whoever wins, we’re proud to be publishing fantasy fiction that’s both fantastic to read and gorgeous to look at. Congrats to all the nominees – we’ll see you at the awards ceremony!




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