The Best Hair in Science Fiction and Fantasy

By Amy Davies

Posted on March 24, 2015 in Film, Television with tags Game of Thrones, Laini Taylor, Star Wars, The Hunger Games

One of the best things about fiction is that there are no limits to what you can expect from a character. This ranges from powers and abilities right the way to their appearance. Today I’ve been thinking about hair, in particular.

I fully appreciate that there’s a whole world of majestic manes out there (especially when you stray into retro sci-fi) so I present to you the split ends of that world, otherwise known as my personal highlights:

Edward Scissorhands

Just to put it out there, I one hundred per cent understand why Ed’s hair is the incredible tangled nest that it is. It’s annoying to brush your hair at the best of times but half metre long blades for fingers are a pretty strong disincentive. Anyway I’m not judging; paired with Depp’s angle-grinder cheekbones it’s definitely a look. I imagine he would also be kind enough to let a small rodent or two live in there so all the better for everyone!

edward scissorhands hair

Laini Taylor

How could we leave out author Laini Taylor? As well as writing incredible YA fantasy, she is herself a piece of fantastical fiction come to life – there’s no forgetting her impressive neon pink tresses.

Laini Taylor Pink Hair

The Hunger Games

 The vibrant looks of The Capitol are not to be ignored. Decadent and borderline ridiculous, the pastel-shaded coiffed look might not be for everyone but it definitely makes a statement. Effie Trinket alone sports green, pink and blone hair across the Hunger Games film trilogy – with a wild array of co-ordinating headpieces that would surely be an dazzling addition to any outfit for a day at the races.

Effie Trinket Hunger Games Hair Green Blueeffie trinket blonde
Have you found the incredible Capitol Couture site? It’s terrifyingly good at merging the lines between reality and fiction, providing inspiration for every aspiring Hunger Games fashionista.


Na’vi hair is particularly interesting given its dual function*; not only can they rock the boho plait look, but the braids can connect with their environments. It’s definitely the most useful hair I’ve come across – you can ride Direhorses and Banshees, talk to your ancestors… It pretty much just makes me look at my own hair and realise it has not earned all of the time I bother to brushing it every morning.

* Interestingly, apart from their head hair they are entirely hairless aside from a small “bob” of fur on their tails. Hmm.

Jake Sully Na'vi Avatar Banshee Hair

Star Wars 

The award for most iconic hair has to go to the queen of the double bun, Princess Leia. I have no idea how this look came about, but I’m pretty sure her hairdresser had just come from a pastry heavy lunch.

Princess Leia Hair Star Wars

If you don’t have long enough hair to achieve this look yourself, help is at hand..

But I can’t let Leia steal the show entirely; Ewan McGregor has been a trend-setter since his Obi Wan days. It takes a moment to see what’s wrong, but once you’ve noticed it, it can’t be unseen. (Mmm, rat’s tail.) He was actually only a few centimetres and another hair band away from the ‘mun’ craze currently sweeping the nation’s hipsters.

Obi Wan Kenobi Star Wars Hair Plait

Skip ahead (or back? Star Wars is impossibly confusing) a few decades and we stumble across this masterpiece from Queen Amidala. I’m not entirely sure where the headress stops and the hair starts but it looks to be incredibly glossy.

Queen Amidala Hair

Game of Thrones

Daenerys’ ice blonde, braided locks are not only proof of her Targaryen heritage but are also yet another reason to be wildly envious of her. How does she keep it so pristine when constantly facing mortal danger?!

Game of Thrones Hair

This girl had such Khaleesi-fever, her hair nearly fell out as she tried to emulate the look…




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