Smiler’s Fair: what not to expect

Smiler's Fair by Rebecca Levene

By Anne Perry

Posted on July 29, 2014 in Books with tags Rebecca Levene

Many delights await you within the pages of Smiler’s Fair – swordfights, magic spells, a prince in disguise – but there are a lot of things you won’t find in the first novel in the Hollow Gods series.


In today’s world exclusive sneak peek, however, you’ll find a few of those things on Smiler’s Fair:

smilers on not in

Things you’ll find on but not in Smiler’s Fair include:

  • mermaids
  • magical ponies
  • evil queens
  • funny-looking space robots
  • dragons
  • Disney princesses with magical control over snow and ice
  • trench coat wearing, card-throwing, bo-staff-wielding morally ambiguous mutants

I can’t guarantee that the next novel in the Hollow Gods series isn’t called The Magical Pony’s Grand Adventures with an Evil Queen and a Funny-Looking Space Robot. Only time will tell!


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