The Hodderscape Fantastic Fiction Gift Guide 2015

By Fleur Clarke

Posted on December 4, 2015 in Books, Hodderscape Advent with tags Christmas

Present buying conundrums be gone! The Hodderscape Gift Guide is here to vanquish confusion and summon the best science fiction, fantasy and horror  novels to give your friends and relatives this Christmas.

We all know that books make the perfect gifts. Want to give Mum magical powers? Send your best friend to outer space? Get revenge on your colleague and scare them half to death? Books can do all that. From science fiction classics to cutting edge horror, we’ve got science fiction, fantasy and horror novels to delight and terrify your friends and relatives this Christmas. We’ve also got a book called Nunslinger – if you don’t know anyone who’d like that, we suggest you acquire some new friends!

Just use our handy gift guide to find the perfect literary gift.

Pro tip: you also deserve a gift and you can totally use this gift guide for that purpose. In fact, we encourage it.

Hodderscape Christmas Gift Guide

Still looking for the perfect book? Have a rifle through our shelves here.


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