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Posted on November 21, 2013 in Fun Stuff with tags Stephen King

Tomorrow will be the 50th anniversary of John F Kennedy’s death, a historic moment that changed the course of history. This week our friends at History Lives have been considering other moments that changed history with a blog post from crime author Mons Kallentoft on Sweden’s own ‘JFK moment’, an article hypothesising what would have happened if Henry VIII had successfully produced a male heir, and an alternative history manifesto from our very own Lavie Tidhar.

Tomorrow History Lives will be giving away a bumper crop of alternative history books, and asking you: if you could go back in time and rewrite history, which moment would you travel to? Yesterday Caleb considered everyone’s favourite time traveller  and we’ll also be having a guest Friday Favourites from Pat Black, who’ll be choosing his favourite time travelling novels.

Of course, we couldn’t let the date pass us by without mentioning 11.22.63! Many of you will already be aware of this incredible novel, but for those who aren’t: 11.22.63 is a formidable re-imagining of the Kennedy assassination from master storyteller Stephen King. If you’ve read it, you will be in awe of the research behind the book, and, if not, prepare to be! Read this interview to find out more about King’s research, his motivation to write the novel and where he was on 11/22/63 (or 22/11/63 to us Brits!).

King Newspaper

If that’s piqued your interest: you can read an extract here, listen to some audio extracts here, and you can also feast your eyes on the wonderful trailer:

Should you need any further persuasion, here are some of the fantastic reviews the book received upon publication:

“The pages of “11/22/63” fly by, filled with immediacy, pathos and suspense. It takes great brazenness to go anywhere near this subject matter. But it takes great skill to make this story even remotely credible. Mr. King makes it all look easy, which is surely his book’s fanciest trick…”
NY Times

“One of the strengths of the book is King’s at once nostalgic and honest view of the end of the Eisenhower era …  King manages to avoid both sentimentalizing the past and treating it with massive condescension; his role as the poet of American brand-names serves him well here.”

“Going backwards proves to be another step forward for the most remarkable storyteller in modern American literature.”

This is a truly compulsive, addictive novel not just about time-travel or the Kennedy assassination but about recent American history and its might-have-beens, about love, and about how life ‘turns on a dime’.. It’s a thunking 700-pager which left me only wanting more. The master storyteller in truly masterful form’
Daily Mail


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