Red Rising Read-Along

By The Hodderscape Team

Posted on August 19, 2014 in Books with tags Pierce Brown, Science Fiction

Join us this Bank Holiday for a Red Rising read-along!

So you maybe you’ve read some of the incredible reviews, maybe you’ve heard that Pierce Brown is fiction’s next superstar, maybe you want to be able to say ‘I read it before the movie‘ or maybe you just want to read a really good book. Well, now is your time. This Bank Holiday we’re having a Red Rising read-along.

You can request a copy of Red Rising on Bookbridgr and for one (long) weekend only, we will be making Red Rising available to everybody on NetGalley. So, get your cursor to the ready on Thursday – or simply follow us on Twitter and we’ll let you know when it’s up.

If you’ve already read and loved Red Rising, you can join in by sharing your review or by coercing everyone you know to read it. You may have been told that peer pressure is a bad thing. You were lied to.


Alternatively, you can bombard people with book itself. We accept no liability for this.

If you want to join in the read-along, the hashtag is #redrisingbook and next week Hodderscape’s very own Anne Perry will be visiting Pierce Brown to ask him your questions. So, as you read the book, get the questions you’d like to ask over to us using #askpierce.

These handsome paperbacks of Red Rising hit stores September 25th.

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