Quiz: How well do you know the Red Rising Trilogy?

By Fleur Clarke

Posted on February 17, 2016 in Fun Stuff with tags Quiz

In the most fearsome, cut throat challenge since the Passage, we put your Red Rising Trilogy knowledge to the test with…. <dramatic pause>… a quiz.

Warning: this quiz does contain spoilers for Red Rising and Golden Son. You’re safe from Morning Star spoilers, but if you’ve not read it yet we advise you to shut this window and do so immediately.


2 comments on “Quiz: How well do you know the Red Rising Trilogy?”

  • Jad says:

    Such a fun quiz and amazing series. Best book I’ve read in years.

  • Chris says:

    it is a great quiz, apparently im pierce brown. anyway, number 32 is incorrect, PulseGernades exist, Darrow treated to blow Lune up when she is fleeing Agea at the end of Golden Son. In fact all 4 of those answers exist, but I’m not sure if MicroShots exist.

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