Red Rising fan creations

Red Rising slingblade

By Fleur Clarke

Posted on February 2, 2015 in Books, Craft Corner with tags Pierce Brown

Turns out awesome books have awesome fandoms, and Red Rising fans have been creating some amazing things to show off their love for the series. You can even wear/stamp yourself with some of them too!


So Howlers traditionally wear wolf skins but they can get pretty stinky and wolves are kind of cute. These t-shirts are a less pungent compromise.

Side note: We’re not saying you should have a baby just so you can dress it in a Howler onesie and send us a pic, but we would love you forever if you did.

Red Rising toteRed Rising baby growRed Rising t-shirt


Just imagine all the things you could stamp with these stamps. Notebooks, hands, bald cats, your grandma… the possibilities are endless and all of them look totally bad ass.

 Red Rising Slingblade StampRed Rising stamp 3Red Rising stamp 2



Mustang is amazing, and so are these drawings.

Virginia Red Rising Mustang Red Rising


Let everyone (especially your enemies) know you mean business with a Red Rising necklace.

Red Rising Necklace




These drawings of Pierce Brown’s space knights are amazing, we can’t wait to see the complete set!


Made something inspired by Red Rising? Tell us about it in the comments below!



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