Red Rising Fan Cast

By The Hodderscape Team

Posted on January 9, 2015 in Books with tags Pierce Brown

The wait may now be over for Golden Son, but our wait for the Red Rising film continues. While our first idea was to invent a time machine, we’ve made do with putting together our heads together and fan casting the film… Check out our choices!

Anne also fan cast a cat version of Red Rising. This needs to happen.


Darrow Before

After:Darrow After

This cat in predator mode

Darrow Befoe After

Max Irons

Sam Claflin
Sam Caflin


EoThis really cute cat.

Elle Fanning EoElle Fanning

Nathalie Emmanuel

Dakota Fanning

Dakota Fanning

Julie Delphy
Julie Delphy



This scruffy catSevro

Caleb Landry Jones

Jordan Gavaris

Kit Harington photoshoot, Sydney, Australia - 04 Mar 2014
Kit Harington

Steve BuscemiSteve Buscemi


This cat giving you evils

Tatian MaslanyTatiana Maslany

Natalie Dormer GifNatalie Dormer (in full smirk mode)

Emma Stone
Emma Stone

Juliette LewisJuliette Lewis


Pax Au TelemanusThis really big cat

Pax Au Telemanus
Dayo Okeniyi

Stanislav Ianevski

Tom Hardy
Tom Hardy

André the Giant


TitusThis really bad ass cat

Sam ClaflinSam Claflin

Jack O ConnellJack O’Connell

Chris Hemsworth
Chris Hemsworth

Channing Titum

The Jackal

TheJackalThis really creepy cat

The Jackal Joffrey
Jack Gleeson

Keegan Allen
Keegan Allen

Shia Labeouf
Shia LaBeouf

Bradley Cooper
Bradley Cooper

What do you think of our choices? Tell us who you’d cast below!


8 comments on “Red Rising Fan Cast”

  • danielle says:

    Love Natalie dormer for Mustang. Heck no to Shia Ladouche for the jackal.

  • Connor says:

    Most of these are a little too old I think. Hell yes to jack o’connell, but not as Titus. I think Cassius fits him better. And if Tom hardy is gonna play anyone it shouldn’t be pax. Bane is one thing, but Pax is a legitimate giant.

  • Charlie says:

    Not great picks due to age. It’s about mid to late teens so Channing Tatum and almost everyone else is really off mark. It will very difficult to cast young actors but if we can find someone like a younger Andrew Garfield for Darrow and Liam Neeson for The Arch Governer, I’ll be happy

  • Hady says:

    I loveee Bill Skarsgärd for the Jackal even though he’s super tall.

  • Amélie Verreault says:

    I think that the cast for Sevro is all wrong.He is not supposed to look good and can’t be tall or it won’t fit the description of him in the book.also,the Jackal is pale and is not impressive at all.Eo is beautiful ONLY compared to other reds.The cast should be teenagers who look more carefree

  • S says:

    I think charlie hunnam should play darrow – he could execute that role perfectly

    • nick johnson says:

      i totally agree but he is to old to play darrow from the first book but i could totally imagine him for iron gold

  • alec says:

    andre and juliete was awesome.

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