Publishing today: Smiler’s Fair!

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By Anne Perry

Posted on July 31, 2014 in Books, News with tags Fantasy, Rebecca Levene

Happy publication day to Rebecca Levene’s incredible novel Smiler’s Fair! We all adore it, as you have probably figured out by now – but we’re not the only ones. Here’s what everyone else has to say:

‘This book is magnificent.’ Pornokitsch

‘The first volume of The Hollow Gods is consistently surprising, packing in plenty of character development, fast and brutal action.’ **** SFX

‘All I know is that Rebecca Levene has written the most stunning first volume epic fantasy since Game of Thrones. It’s a little bit grimdark, a little bit epic, and a whole lot of incredible. If George R.R. Martin wrote The Night Circus, Smiler’s Fair would be the result. Go. Buy. It.’ Staffer’s Book Review

‘Fans of either Abraham or Abercrombie—fans of fantasy full stop, in fact—will find lots to like in Smiler’s Fair. Its setting, its narrative, its characters—unlikeable as they are—all impress immensely, developed as they are with depth and discerning detail. In truth, the only complaint I’d make about the book is that there isn’t more of it.’

smilers on not in
‘Often surprising, always compelling and with a fabulous writing style that invokes a real sense and feeling for all that is going on, I have absolutely no problem in saying this is the best novel of its kind I have read in years. Perhaps ever.’ Liz Loves Books

‘Highly recommended… think Game of Thrones levels of action and suspense, combined with interesting and intriguing characteers that send you on a whirlwind of emotions as you constantly find yourself altering your opinion on who to root for and who you’d like to meet a bitter end… exceptionally gripping… deep… excellently conceived… the plot leaves your mind screaming for the rest…’ **** Sci Fi Now

‘Written in compelling lucid prose ( a bit that reminds you of GRRM’s protégé – Daniel Abraham!), this book is a brilliant opener to a series ( Hollow Gods from Hodder books is a quadrilogy) that might just give Song of Ice & Fire and The Dagger & the Coin [ both arguably the BEST Ever running epic fantasy today ] some serious competition.’ Smorgasbord Fantasia


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