Our favourite moments from Pierce Brown’s UK tour

By Fleur Clarke

Posted on March 3, 2016 in Books with tags Events and exhibitions, Pierce Brown

Last week Pierce Brown hopped across the pond to celebrate the publication of the final book in the Red Rising Trilogy, Morning Star. Suffice to say, he caused a bit of a ruckus.

Here are our favourite moments from the tour.


1. When he tried to steal his own books from Waterstones Piccadilly


Pierce, you only had to ask.


2. This incredible Mustang cosplay


Kirsty, we love you.


3. When an audience member asked for Mustang’s number and it turns out she’s inspired by his Mum…



4. This fan finally getting their revenge on Pierce for that cliffhanger

Who can blame her?


5. Hand-delivered fan art

Please teach us how to draw good Katherine.


6. This outfit

Anjuli from Waterstones Dorking, may we steal your wardrobe?


7. When we put Pierce Brown’s face on a cupcake and freaked him out a little…


We miss them already.


8. This portrait

You are disgustingly talented Jess. Please come again.


9. Goldsboro books knocking it out the galaxy with their window display

They literally blew up the galaxy.


10. These Howlers disturbing the peace

Sorry about the noise complaints Goldsboro.


11. Not to be outdone, Edinburgh also proved they have some lungs on them



12. When Pierce ascended Edinburgh Bookshop’s signing ladder and Patrick Ness and Guy Gavriel Kay decided to take him down a rung


13. Waterstones Birmingham’s amazing Geek Trivia showdown between the audience and Pierce

There were some nerds in that audience.


14. And finally, the obligatory ‘Bye Felicia’

We think he’s a bit tired…


He came, he toured, he conquered.



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