Open Submissions – Jan 2016 UPDATE

By Anne Perry

Posted on January 25, 2016 in News with tags Open Submissions; News

Did you submit to Hodderscape’s Open Submissions window? Have you not heard back yet? Don’t despair! Update below.

We’re still working through submissions! We are now on the second-reads stage. If you have already received an email from us stating that we will not be moving forward with your project, then I’m afraid you haven’t made it to this second round of reads.


If you have not yet received an email from us, that means that we are still considering your manuscript. 


We have about 600 manuscripts to read through a second time.

We will eventually be in touch with every single person who submitted. So please be patient and wait to hear from us instead of emailing to ask for updates.

The longer we (I) have to spend answering emails and commenting on posts the longer the entire process will take!

Thanks very much!


14 comments on “Open Submissions – Jan 2016 UPDATE”

  • Lynn Love says:

    Thanks, Anne, for the update. Every question I had you’ve answered, so very many thanks and happy re-reading to all at Hodderscape!

  • Rob Hinkle says:

    The team’s dedication to the mountain of manuscripts before you is admirable, and on behalf of the submitters let me say we appreciate your hard work and your willingness to endure eye-strain. We should all chip in and send you good folks a case of Visine. My best good wishes to everyone who made the cut!

  • Patricia says:

    Thank you very much for the update!

  • Alan Denham says:

    600 still to go . . . OK, understood. From this end, more frequent updates would be appreciated, but I can see why it is all taking so long!
    At least the ‘second reads’ can be assumed to be of reasonable quality, the real dross went out in the first cut!
    Many thanks

  • Jason says:

    When will the next submission window be available?

    • Anne Perry says:

      We haven’t yet decided. We will make any announcements about open submissions on Hodderscape, so keep an eye on the website!

  • Dee Harrison says:

    Thanks for the latest update 🙂

  • Jackee says:

    Hello! Quick question. A few said that you are responding through snail mail now. Do I need to check my post box as well as email for news?

    Sorry to be a bother (because it really doesn’t change the outcome), but anxiety is a strange beast.

    Thank you for all your hard work.

  • Stephen Jones says:

    Hi! I was wondering when the next update was going to be? 😀 How are the second reads going?

  • Dor says:

    Six weeks in from original post, fair to ask how you’re getting along?

    • Anne Perry says:

      If you haven’t heard from us yet then we are still considering your book. We’ll be in touch once we’ve made a decision.

  • Michael R B says:

    If there is anyone left out there who doesn’t know there’s been another update (like me, until very recently) – this here’s the link –

    I don’t for the life of me know how I missed it!

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