Open Submissions – Endgame


By Anne Perry

Posted on August 18, 2015 in News with tags Open Submissons

Our open submissions window has closed. What happens next?

We have now responded to every email we received during our open submissions period. For everyone who submitted – congratulations! It is an enormous accomplishment to have finished a novel, and you should be incredibly proud.

We are now happily reading submissions and (thanks to a small army of enthusiastic volunteers) we should be on track to have read them all and responded to everyone by the end of September.

I have some questions!

If you submitted but did not receive a confirmation email: please email us at hodderscape (at) hodder dot co dot uk. We will search our files and our log and get back to you.

If you submitted but received a response saying that you had submitted outside our submissions window: given the huge number of submissions we received we simply cannot consider anything that we received later than our posted cutoff time. But don’t fear! We will hold more open submissions periods later on, and we are always open to submissions from agents.

It has come to our attention that we should have written BST instead of GMT in our original submissions guidelines; we apologise for the error.

Great. What can I expect now?

Given the huge volume of submissions, we will not be able to provide personal feedback to authors. When we have made our decision we will send you an email. In some cases, we might be sending you a rejection; in other cases, we might be asking for you to send the entire manuscript in so that we can read and consider it.

Please be patient with us! We’ll read as fast as we can… but we’re only human!

On behalf of everyone here at Hodderscape,

thank you all for your enthusiasm, your understanding, and your brilliant books. We’re honoured to have the opportunity to take a look at them and look forward to getting in touch with you our about our decision.


19 comments on “Open Submissions – Endgame”

  • CTGrey says:

    Thank you for opening a submission window.

  • Kaitlin Caul says:

    Thank you for this opportunity! You guys are amazing for doing this.

  • Barbara Neville says:

    Thanks to you and your team for allowing us the chance! I have to say, it re-kindled my writing just finding that there are still opportunities out there to submit manuscripts. I would love to know how many manuscripts were submitted!

  • Tim Abbot-Cole says:

    Was disappointed to just find out about this. I think it’s a fantastic opportunity and I’d like to know if you guys are planning to open any more windows in the future?

  • SJGWhite says:

    All the best to your army of readers, and I look forward to reading the first books to come out of your open submission window (if that isn’t too odd an image)! I’d love to know how many submissions you had.

  • PJ Lightning says:

    Thanks for this opportunity. I hope that the reader likes my submission. Meanwhile I can get on with a few revisions and drawing maps etc. Fingers crossed.

  • Sean Connolly says:

    How does one get the chance to volunteer with Hodderscape? Seems like a great opportunity.

  • Andrew says:

    Do you start letting people know by the 20th or will have finished letting everyone know?

    • Fleur Clarke says:

      We will start letting people know on the 30th. We have quite a few to get through so we may not be finished until the end of October. We’ll make sure to keep everyone updated on Twitter and the blog!

  • C Bott says:

    Would it be possible to know if you are looking at submissions and writing to people in the chronological order in which items were submitted? Appreciate that how you work is very much your business, but it would give a broad idea of when to expect an email.

    • PJ Lightning says:

      You’ll probably hear within an hour of posting here. I did. My self-publishing launch is now plan A again.

      • Anne Perry says:

        We will be posting an update on our progress reading and considering submissions tonight or tomorrow, so please be patient – hopefully everyone’s questions will be answered.

    • Anne Perry says:

      We will begin responding to submissions by the end of the month, but we cannot guarantee that we will respond in the order in which we received submissions. As we received more than 1500 submissions it is taking us a considerable amount of time to read through them. We will be posting an update on the blog tonight or tomorrow.

  • Ian Bruce says:

    Have all the submissions been responded to, as I’ve still yet to hear anything…

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