Open Submissions – an update

By Anne Perry

Posted on September 22, 2015 in News with tags Open Submissions

Our open submissions window has closed – your hard work is over! But for us, it has really only just begun. As you wait for our responses, here are a few FAQs to tide you over.

As of our open submissions deadline, we received a grand total of 1,445 submissions. A small army of readers has steadily been marching through, reading and considering each submission. As of today, we’ve read nearly half.

We will begin responding to submissions on September 30th. We will do our best to respond to every one of you by October 31st, so please be patient. We will post an update in October to let you know how far along we’ve gotten.

Given the huge volume of submissions we received, we will not be able to provide personal feedback in our responses.We have been absolutely blown away by the talent and imagination you’ve all displayed in your submissions, but the sheer number we received makes personal feedback impossible.

We will be responding to submissions in the order in which we logged them, not the order in which we received them.

Please do not pester us for responses. We have made a few exceptions and responded to a few submissions early, but we will not begin sending out the majority of the responses until September 30th.

Again, please be patient with us. 1,445 submissions is a huge number, and it is important to us that we read and consider each very carefully – which takes time.

Finally: be polite. Be professional. If you receive a turn-down from us, please don’t respond by attacking our taste and judgement. This isn’t just good manners, it is also good sense. Publishing is a small industry and, if you stick with writing (and we hope you do), we may all run into one another again.



32 comments on “Open Submissions – an update”

  • Chris Wright says:

    Thanks for the update, Anne. It’s really interesting to see how many hopeful authors are out there. The scale of your bravery in putting an open submission window in place becomes fully apparent, and is much appreciated!

  • Erin Paterson says:

    Thank you for the update, and thank you again for all of your hard work!

  • Barbara Mayo-Neville says:

    Thank you for the up-date. It helps with the nail-biting. I’m very sad to think that people would be unkind after being allowed to have the opportunity to submit a manuscript for consideration. Rejection is a large part of the submission process, rather like un-picking in sewing and editing in writing.

  • C Bott says:

    Thank you on the updates. It really is helpful to have them.

  • S R Jones says:

    Wow- that’s a fantastic number of submissions! Your readers are going to need some soothing eye-masks after working through all of that! 😉

    Thanks for the update, and good luck to everybody who has entered!

  • Georgie Fawcett says:

    Hi Hodder folks! Hope you are enjoying everyone’s submissions! Thank you for updating! Unfortunately I have an underground reputation that surprised me. My phone is sometimes interrupted by Indians, my emails don’t sometimes get to me and at times I am frustrated by pc gremlins trying to steal or ruin my work so I have resorted to hard copies in my safe. I am so frustrated that I am waiting till a really safe laptop can be found… wait isn’t that a typewriter. No but seriously it is very difficult to get through the underground to me as I have a few neighbours suffering from writer envy. I’m hoping your email will reach me but in the instance (and fantastic event) that you are expecting a response a trusted courier would be the best way to get to me but even that isn’t assured. I wish I was joking but I’m not. I am not big headed, I am immensely surprised at such underground activity and very frustrated at not being able to stop them from trying to grab contacts and my writing and my books… etc etc/ Isn’t it so annoying when someone changes a word in a sentence you’ve written and a story you are putting together? Anyhow can’t wait to see the new talents you discover and thank you for the chance to be considered.

  • Brandy Miller says:

    Wow, that’s a huge number of submissions! Thanks for the update. It definitely helps with the suspense–and whether rejected or accepted, I’m so grateful for the opportunity you gave us new writers 🙂

  • Patricia says:

    Oh wow, that’s a huge number. All the best, and THANK YOU for the updates!

  • Jo Thwaites says:

    Thank you so much for the update, it’s very much appreciated, as it the opportunity you have given everyone.

    I’m amazed by the amount of submission, and I’m even more amazed that you’ve got through so many so soon.

  • Georgie Fawcett says:

    I think I’m having a telephone problem and sometimes pc problem due to over zealous novel thieves. I think you may have tried to phone me 4 times and can’t get through due to my home phone line being intercepted by indians and my mobile has just shut down for no reason. EEK! I tried to phone back but with one exception got an Indian. I have an email address that no one has as it’s new,

    I’d hate to pester you, its just it really appears you are trying to get in contact. Can’t believe the way my phone is being stalked so apologies if you can’t reach me and to have such a problem. I have a friend who runs retreats which I’ll book myself onto in future.

    Hopefully I’m not being a pain.

    Best regards and hopes,


  • Shonna White says:

    It’s so so sad that certain things have to be said
    “Be professional. If you receive a turn-down from us, please don’t respond by attacking our taste…”

  • Alexandra Christian says:

    Thanks so much for the update! It is very much appreciated.

  • Christopher says:

    These updates are amazing, just what we need.
    Thank you!

    I feel we should be buying the volunteers and staff at Hodderscape a cup of tea, or coffee, and a muffin, or donut, for all their hard work.
    Let’s hope we’ve given them a lot of good and interesting stories to read at least.

    And again, thank you for the opportunity.

  • Christopher says:

    I feel that we should be sending some tea, coffee, muffins and donuts to the Hodderscape army working so hard on our submissions.
    I hope our stories entertain you at least.
    Thank you for the updates. They’re just what we need.

  • Martin says:

    Thank you for posting this update. I’m used to long waits with the magazine industry, having had turnarounds from two hours to eight months. I don’t envy you the task of sifting through so many submissions, but it’s wonderful that you are offering this opportunity to everyone. Good fortune.

  • Hugh Reid says:

    You say you will not reply in the order submissions were received, but in the order you logged them. Out of curiosity, what was that order? Did you log them by genre, for example?

    • Anne Perry says:

      We logged them more or less in the order in which we received them; however, several people were involved in logging the submissions and so the log is itself not in strict chronological order. We are still aiming to respond to everyone by 31 October so please be patient.

  • Ruthie says:

    I totally agree with all the thanks you’s given above for creating this opportunity and keeping us all updated. I also fully appreciate that you don’t want individuals writing to say ‘have you read my submission yet?’. However you said earlier that you will be contacting people in the order the entries were logged, so is it possible to ask whether you are still working through the entries logged on the first day? I’m assuming loads of people had their entries ready to send off as soon as the submission window opened.. But unless you can answer that in five minutes I’d much rather you carried on with sending the emails.

    • Anne Perry says:

      Hi, Ruthie,

      We’re moving through the submissions and sending out responses as quickly as we’re able. We’re still aiming to get in touch with everyone by Oct 31st, but we still have hundreds of submissions left to read.

      I’m afraid all I can say is that you may have to wait until Oct 31st to hear from us, even if you got your submission in early!

      • Ruthie says:

        Right, Anne, thank you for the reply. You are all doing an amazing job. I shall be patient – I’ll try very very hard. Thank you again.

  • Michael R B says:

    Well, I know I must be one of the last ones you logged so I’m just patiently waiting – what I can say is how great an opportunity you’ve given all of us.

    I hope you’ve got some good down time for all the extra hours you are all probably doing trying to get through this tsunami of submissions…

  • Emma Ennis says:

    I have to say, this has been the friendliest, easiest submission process I’ve ever come across. Most publishers have such strict guidelines one almost has to print out the manuscripts and hand-dot the i’s. As a result I live in mortal fear that though I always try to follow guidelines to the letter, my pretties will be thrown out because of something I’ve overlooked. I – as I’m sure all of us do – appreciate your patience with us.
    Not only that, but ninety percent of the time us poor suffering writers have to accept silence for an answer, meaning two years down the line we still have a lingering hope that stray email will show up with stamps from around the globe. It’s hard to convey how much these updates are appreciated, so I’ll just say thanks and really mean it 🙂

  • Amy Blaze says:

    Thank you for keeping us posted! Since I’m a virgin regarding open submissions I don’t expect to be chosen, however, not unlike buying a lottery ticket, until y’all say “NO,” I still have my dollar of hope. Best luck to everyone!

  • Eldad Rabinovitch says:

    I have to say, all this waiting and not knowing situation has definitely something quite Schrödingeresques. Although you may have already made a decision on our work, we still don’t know if the cat is dead or alive. Who said that quantum physics is a completely alien concept when we can experience its logic in our day to day life 😉

  • Sheena Guz says:

    Hoping to hear about an October update soon. The suspense…the suspense….!

  • Victoria says:

    I wish there was a ‘like’ function on this Comments page as there is on Facebook – there are so many comments I would ‘Like’ in the sense of ‘Yes, I totally agree, you’ve said just what I’m thinking.’

  • Amy says:

    I wonder if it’s good to have not heard anything yet or bad? In any case thank you for the opportunity of open submissions, as well as the friendliness and updates.

    • Michael R B says:

      Hello Amy, to start this reply to your comment I think I’d better say that I’m in the same boat as you are, having submitted some work to this process…

      However, my mere speculation about the process is this – that it is far quicker to give an outright ‘No’ to a submission – so those who haven’t heard but who submitted early are in a place where the Hodder Team, lead by Anne, are still struggling to decide whether or not to make the very large commitment to take them further – with still no guarantee of a final acceptance. Those who submitted later are probably still waiting for our submissions to be considered in the first place.

      From what Anne has said they received double (or possibly more) submissions than they expected and so some of the extra readers they took on might have had to return to other duties leaving the Hodderscape team to plow on without them… This would mean that sticking to the cause and giving each submission equal attention is hard work – not by any means impossible and I do trust them when they say that’s what they are doing – which means that if, Amy, you were logged early – you have a reason to hope that they may explore your submission further, if not – you, like myself will just have to wait for their decision and, well, hope that in the end despite the number of submissions made, yours may be taken a step further (ie calling in whole manuscript) before they make their decision. Which could still be yes or no.

      I’m sorry if this is a rambling reply, but I do think this opportunity and the process Hodderscape has engaged in is a very valuable gift to us authors who have submitted work to them. Given the number of submissions I would hesitate to say this but it’s possible that only one or two percent will be taken further – so whilst I’d like to encourage all of us out there, the ‘competition’ for a publishing slot is obviously fierce.

      Best of luck, Michael

  • Keith says:

    I’m so sorry if I’m pestering, but the last updates indicate that responses would be sent by October 31st. Has that estimated timetable been extended into November per chance?

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