Nunslinger Rides Again!

By Anne Perry

Posted on January 16, 2014 in Books with tags Stark Holborn, Westerns

Well, folks, Nunslinger books 4, 5 and 6 will be heading into town (and your ereaders) on March 13th! That’s only two months away, which means it’s time to reveal a little bit more about the next three stories in the ongoing adventures of Sister Thomas Josephine. And Nunslinger 1 is still totally free to download from your favorite digital retailer – but it won’t be for much longer!

So, without further ado, here they are:

Nunslinger Book 4: The Habits of Strangers

The True Tale of the how Wanted Fugitives Sister Thomas Josephine of St. Louis, Missouri and Abraham C. Muir made a Daring Escape from Capture and Raced for the Mexican Border

Sister Thomas Josephine and Abraham Muir find themselves friendless, penniless and on the wrong side of the law in the backstreets of Sacramento. Their only option is to flee for Mexico… with half the Union Army on their trail.

Nunslinger Book 5: Litany for the Brave

The True Tale of how Sister Thomas Josephine of St. Louis, Missouri came to seek Repentance but found Bloodshed in the town of Altar, Mexico

Sister Thomas Josephine thinks she may finally have found sanctuary in a small Mexican town, but she’ll soon find out that sins are not easily washed away.

Nunslinger Book 6: The Judgement of Abraham

The True Tale of how Sister Thomas Josephine of St. Louis, Missouri came to Fight alongside Rebel Forces and deliver a Death Sentence in the deserts of New Mexico

Pitted against a powerful enemy, Sister Thomas Josephine finds herself reunited with an old ally. The only problem? They’re fighting for different sides.


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