Not a Guilty Pleasure: Heroes

By Aimee

Posted on February 1, 2017 in Fun Stuff, Review, Television with tags Heroes, Science Fiction, Superheroes, Television, not a guilty pleasure

We look back at the noughties sci-fi delight Heroes, aka the show that took the world by storm (for a couple of seasons, anyway).

You might recall that the plot of Heroes works around a solar eclipse, causing certain people of the world to develop useful powers, like mind-reading and healing, and other not-so-useful powers, like radiation strong enough to turn into an explosion.

When it first aired over ten years ago (my god, I feel old) it was heralded for its special effects and plot. It started to lose favour with the critics as the seasons progressed, but I still tuned in every week to find out what happened to the core characters.


Peter - Heroes

Everyone’s favourite was Peter, who was the equivalent of a sponge, soaking up everyone else’s powers. To me, he was just as interesting as one, too, but for some reason he captured the audience’s attention. It was all well and good him being everyone’s saviour, but I would have loved it if he were slightly less pious. In the alternative future that doesn’t come to pass, Peter’s this bad-ass with a trench coat and a scar across his face. They should have stuck with that incarnation.


Claire - Heroes

There was also Claire, a cheerleading teenager with the ability to heal. Many of her scenes ended with Claire impaling herself on something, or throwing herself off of buildings. This proved to be a pretty useful ability, given how often she was chased by bad guys, and it was enjoyable to see her growth from useless teen into somewhat capable adult.


However, neither Peter nor Claire really mattered to me. I was mostly glued to the screen because of one man. One heavily-eyebrowed man.

Smirking Sylar - Heroes


Sylar eyeroll

This man. Sylar.

He had swagger. Add that to malice and a smirk to launch a thousand ships.

Oh, and he also sliced people’s foreheads open.

Never before have I rooted so much for the bad guy.


Honourable mention goes to Isaac Mendez and his drug-induced paintings, which were always pretty fun and apocalyptic. RIP Isaac.

Isaac Mendez - Heroes

I was so obsessed with Heroes, I played the now-defunct BBC game, which involved a lot of listening to Mohinder’s voicemails and hacking his computer. I was living my best life.

Now the love has faded a bit, but I’ll never forget Heroes. Unfortunately I haven’t managed to motivate myself to watch the latest series Heroes: Reborn.

No Sylar, no sale.

Shirtless Sylar - Heroes


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