New television shows to look forward to this Autumn

By Fleur Clarke

Posted on September 4, 2014 in Television with tags American Horror Story, Television

We are living in a Golden Age. An age in which our television screens abound with all number of reasons to never leave your sofa (read: duvet). And more is on the way! Here’s some of the new television shows to look forward to in Autumn 2015.

The Leftovers

It’s three years after a worldwide Rapture, and the people left behind are getting a bit violent. It’s HBO, so expect good production values and maybe a few rude bits.

UK premiere: 9pm 18 September, Sky Atlantic


The Strain

A plane carrying 206 corpses lands in New York, an ancient evil emerges. Guillermo del Toro is one of the creators and if that compilation of teaser trailers is anything to go by, this looks pretty awesome.

UK premiere: 10pm 17 September, Watch



The latest manifestation of the Batman franchise. It follows Detective James Gordon as he tries to solve the murder of Thomas and Martha Wayne. The main draw: the return of classic villains like the Penguin, Catwoman and Poison Ivy.

UK premiere: TBC, Channel Five (probably not long after the US premiere on September 22nd)


American Horror Story: Freak Show 

Not technically a new show, but AHS takes roughly the same cast and puts them in a new setting and set of characters each season. This time they’re going to a 50’s freak show. If the other seasons are anything to go by, this will be wonderfully tasteless.

UK premiere: 10pm 21 October, Channel Four


The Flash

The super-speedy costumed crime-fighter takes to the small screen. If Arrow is anything to go by, this should be fun.

UK premiere: October (TBC), Sky One



Woman travels through time and winds up in 18th century Scotland. Meets man who looks like he’s from a porridge advert.

UK premiere: TBC



The cynical dark magician gets a TV show. Hopefully this fairs better than the film, and by the looks of the trailer it should.

UK premiere: TBC (boo!)






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