NaNoDodo Day 28: Writing Advice 101

By Anne Perry

Posted on November 28, 2014 in Fun Stuff with tags Writing Advice

As NaNoWriMo and NaNoDodo wind down, we figure we’ll end on some very, very basic advice. Do with it as you will!

1. Be nice. This is the number one most important thing for you to do. Be nice. Be nice to readers. Be nice to writers. Be nice to editors. Be nice to reviewers. Be nice. Being nice will get you a good reputation, and that reputation will open more doors for you than you can possibly imagine.

2. Rejection is inevitable. So be nice about it. You’ll get a million rejections. Figure out a coping mechanism. Cope.

3. The internet never forgets. You make one off-colour joke on a panel? Someone will Tweet it, someone else will quote it out of context, and suddenly you’re known as that person who said that thing. China Mieville is pretty funny about the fact that he once said ‘Tolkien is the wen on the arse of fantasy literature’ – it’s even in his Wikipedia entry! because that doesn’t reflect his opinion anymore. But it’s there forever.

4. Don’t argue with your readers. Don’t argue with your reviewers. If you disagree wtih a review… don’t fight back. No matter how wonderful your book, someone won’t like it. (See 2, above.) Someone won’t get it. Maybe lots of people won’t get it. I’m afraid that’s life in publishing. Move on.

5. Good luck! You need a will of iron and a stomach of steel to write, edit, and publish a novel. Most people will never make it all the way through the process. But we – Hodderscape and Hodder & Stoughton and everyone else – wouldn’t be here without you. So on behalf of all of us, I wish you the very best of luck.

Remember, you can always ask us questions – we run Ask a Hodder Editor every Friday, from 11 to 12. Just use the hashtag #hoddereditor or direct your question to @hodder_editor and a Hodder editor (often but not always me) will answer!




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