NaNoDodo Day 27: Look for Opportunities

By Anne Perry

Posted on November 27, 2014 in Books with tags Writing Advice

There are publishing opportunities everywhere, at all times, and outside of publishing, if you keep an open eye and an open mind. Here are a few ideas to get you started.

Keep an eye out for competitions – even grants and fellowships. I see a few scroll by on Twitter almost every day.

Watch out for open submissions periods, and calls for submissions, from publishers large and small. (The Book Smugglers have a call for submissions going right now.)

Look for opportunities outside of traditional publishing. If there’s an interesting exhibit going on at a local museum, for example, why not visit for inspiration, write a short story inspired by it, and find a platform to make it available to the public? (If you have a blog, that’s easy – but perhaps shop it around to other sites, if you don’t.) Consider getting in touch with the museum and telling them about it. Or rounding up a few other writers and publishing a series of stories and pieces inspired by the exhibit. Let the museum know what you’re doing. See what happens!


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