NaNoDodo Day 26: Other Writing Resources

By Anne Perry

Posted on November 26, 2014 in Books with tags Writing Advice

We’ve spent a lot of time talking about primary resources for writing this month – books to read, triggers, inspiration… today we’re going to cover another topic: secondary resources.

My go-to advice for writers looking for agents or even simply just advice is the Writers & Artists Yearbook. You can follow them on Twitter and the Yearbook is itself, as suggested, updated annually. It’s full of incredibly useful information.

A question I’m asked almost every Friday (during Ask A @Hodder_Editor) is this: how do I find an agent? Well, start with the Yearbook mentioned above. But you can also do a lot of research online – and you must do your research before you submit your manuscript, because every agent and agency has different rules about how (and how much) to submit.

Agent Juliet Mushens (@mushenska) runs a regular Sunday night feature called #askagent on Twitter. She’s a font of invaluable advice and assistance.

Many authors swear by writing groups, and who am I to say any different? There are many different ways to find writing groups in your area – start with Google and see what happens.

If you’re London-based and into genre fiction, the Super Relaxed Fantasy Club is a great way to get to know authors, agents, editors and fans. Even just going to launches and signings can introduce you to new authors and other interesting people.

I swear by regular bookstore visits. Just… see what’s out there.

Cons and festivals are another fantastic way to meet authors and publishing industry professionals, and there are a multitude all over the world. You can find huge, famous ones (the San Diego Comic Con being a prime example) or more intimate local ones, and everything in-between. In all seriousness,  I met a person who became one of my closest friends while hanging out at the bar at a con six years ago.

Obviously, you have one of the single greatest, most comprehensive of writing resources at your very fingertips: the internet! Good luck!






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