NaNoDodo Day 25: Writing Inspiration!

By Anne Perry

Posted on November 25, 2014 in Books with tags Writing Advice

Not quite the same thing as a writing trigger! Triggers get you into the writing mood, but writing inspiration gets you writing. Where do you find it? I asked Twitter and got some astonishing answers.

  • The twitching corpses of my latest victims. Wait, did I say that aloud?
  • I look to my dreams. Why is why all my books are about a) being eaten by a giant cheese and b) unpublished.
  • I look to better writers. Which is why I haven’t written any books.
  • Unhappiness. Which is why I never run out of ideas.
  • Coffee/soundtracks.
  • I just dip into my little store of random thoughts squirreled away over time. Don’t all authors do that?
  • Everywhere, anything. Music, newspapers, headlines, overheard conversations, maps, walks in the woods, fields, city…
  • A mix of chance incidents, and the itchy feeling in my skull. If I ever get a book deal, please send me to the nit nurse.
  • have gotten a lot of ideas from various museum artefacts.
  • I photo copy my butt and then look at it for divination…. oh… you said inspiration.

Well, maybe not so astonishing, given that I was asking at 4 pm on a Wednesday afternoon. <3 U TWITTER.

But, in all seriousness: what is your writing inspiration? Is it a conversation overheard late at night? A line in a favourite book? Something more concrete, like the desire to see your name on a published novel?

A sign like this?


Whatever it is: get writing!



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