NaNoDodo Day 24: Writing Triggers

By Anne Perry

Posted on November 24, 2014 in Books with tags Writing Advice

I spoke with a number of aspiring writer friends, and asked them what their biggest problems were when writing. Everyone had a different answer, from ‘I struggle with dialogue’ to ‘getting into the right headspace.’

But, when I asked how they overcome those issues, everyone gave me the same answer: with writing triggers. Basically, they read a few pages – or even paragraphs – of a book that helps get them into the right mindset, and then go forth and write. My friend who struggles with dialogue uses Zadie Smith to get her thinking about how people talk, and my friend who needs a headspace kickĀ  will just use whatever’s at hand.

This is not the answer for everyone, mind you: some authors will refuse to read novels while they’re writing their own, to keep from being unintentionally influenced by what they’re reading. You’ve got to do whatever gets you over the last hurdle and into the writing sphere.

But a writing trigger is a great place to start.




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