NaNoDodo Day 18: Write, Write, Write


By Anne Perry

Posted on November 18, 2014 in Books with tags Nanododo, Writing Advice

So you want to become a writer? You’d better start writing. I don’t mean that you have to write a book right this instant, or even a short story. But you have to become used to writing, to translating your thoughts and feelings and observations into sentences that convey them to your satisfaction. And that’s not necessarily an easy thing to do. But it can be.

You’ve just got to practice.

Get used to writing. Like everything else, writing takes time to get right. You can’t expect to play a musical insturment perfectly after a few lessons, so why shoud you expect to get your style, your voice, your writing rhythm right immediately? Figure out the most efficient way for you to get your thoughts down on paper, physical or virtual, and then start practicing. Even if that’s a daily ten-minute-long session of free association. Just get used to translating what you think into words on a page.

Write all the time. That means carrying something upon which you can write, and something to write with, at all times. Whether that’s your phone or a notebook is up to you. It just has to be something you’re comfortable recording yourself in or on.

Write down everything. Find a quote in a book you love? Like an advertising slogan? Write it down.

Think about what you’ve written. Why does that quote appeal to you? Have you just turned a nice phrase and recorded it? Great! Why do you like it? Can you improve upon it?

We’ll get into editing over the next couple of days. But you can’t edit what doesn’t exist. So just write. Even if you’re not immediately satisfied with the result. Get it down on paper. Fixing it to your satisfaction comes next.



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