My Favourite YA Covers

By Naomi Berwin

Posted on November 19, 2013 in Books, Fun Stuff with tags Book Covers, Young Adult

In honour of Susan Ee’s World After (the sequel to Angelfall) publishing this week, we’re talking best young adult covers. I have deliberately steered clear of our own covers as that’s like picking your favourite child(!), but here are some of my top picks from the rest of the field…



Every time I see Wonder I think: wow, that’s a fantastic jacket! Sensitive, immediately compelling, emotive (especially once you’ve read the book) and instantly recognisable. This already feels like a classic to me.




Hunger Games 2012 editions

I thought these were genius. Rather than going the traditional film tie-in route, they picked out one simple striking image for each cover, subtly linking the books and films together visually but keeping the books feeling incredibly strong and iconic in their own right.


noughts and crosses

Noughts & Crosses

Just a classic. Amazing book, amazing cover that you just can’t miss.




So, I confess I haven’t actually read this one, but it is consistently the most visually arresting series on the shelves. You don’t get the full impression from this flat image, but the page edges are the same colour as the title and each book in the series is a different colour. Incredibly effective.


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