How to make a raven card!

By Fleur Clarke

Posted on January 14, 2015 in Craft Corner with tags Animals

Some people say we don’t send enough letters nowadays. Well, we at Hodderscape would like to go one step further: people don’t send enough letters by raven.

What could be more classy than a handwritten note delivered by everyone’s favourite harbinger of doom? This craft also has a few advantages over traditional raven mail: it will neither poop on your recipient, nor peck their eyes out. It’s also ridiculously easy.

This was inspired by a pigeon version I found in Clare Youngs’ Book Art – an amazing book, but not one for the faint-hearted bibliophile. You can imagine lots of other fun variants. A dodo made with a page from The Eyre Affair would be particularly awesome (*hint hint*).

What you will need:
– paper
– card
– a book you are prepared to slaughter
– scissors
– a glue stick
– a pen

Optional things for fancy people:
– a quilling needle
– a scalpel

Here’s how to make your own raven card:

1. Make your stencil

Raven Card 1 Raven Card 2

I’m terrible at drawing, so I just searched for ‘raven silhouette’ on Google Images and went from there. As you can see, it’s pretty rough!


2. Draw around stencil

Raven Card 4 Raven Card 5

I traced my raven onto a piece of black card and then folder it over so the ‘hing’ of the card is at the head. You can then cut through both sides of card at once and use the time you saved to make a cup of tea.


3. Glue your book page onto your card and cut out your raven

Raven Card 6 Raven Card 7

Flip your card over and stick your book page onto the non-penciled side of the card. I used a spare copy of The Canterbury Tales that I had lying around, but some Poe would have been much more appropriate. I must live with my regret.

Once that’s stuck on, flip your card back over and cut around the raven. I was fine using scissors, but a scalpel will both create a cleaner edge and make you feel like a doctor.


4. Create your message

Raven Card 8 Raven Card 9

Cut out a blank strip of book page and write your message. In this case you obviously write ‘Nevermore!’ because you are a massive nerd and would not have it any other way.

Create a little fold at the end so you can wrap it around your raven’s leg.


5. Attach your message to your raven’s leg and curl

Raven Card 13Raven Card 10

Attach your message to your raven’s leg with a bit of glue and curl it using a pair of scissors. If you are a much better crafter than me, you may have a quilling needle in which case: crack that baby out!


6. Look upon your raven with pride, send to someone if you’re feeling generous

Raven Card 11

Your raven card is done! Now set it free.


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