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By Fleur Clarke

Posted on September 7, 2016 in Fun Stuff with tags Games

Visiting the dry cleaners, filing your tax return, going for a run – it’s all rather tedious. But what if these mundane chores actually helped save the world? Nope, I’m not talking about recycling (but you should do your recycling!), I’m talking about zombie apocalypses and epic quests. Here are four gloriously geeky apps to gamify your life and get you fit as a superhero and more financially organised than a Gringotts goblin.

Do you have an app that’s getting you organised and also satisfying your craving for adventure/space travel/dragons? Tell us about it in the comments!



Wouldn’t taking the stairs at work be much more exciting if you got a golden sceptre at the top?

Habitica is an app that turns everyday tasks into an RPG style game. Chores are transformed into little monsters that you have to defeat, and as you progress through the game you level up and get cool things like pet wolves, griffins and (of course) fabulous weaponry.

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Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go

For years people had been telling me about the benefits of going outside and getting some fresh air, but it was only when millions of Pokemon appeared out there that I understood.

Nothing motivates me to take the scenic route quite like a 10km egg that I’m ONE HUNDRED PERCENT certain contains a Pikachu (and actually has a high level Hypno).

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7 Minute Superhero Workout

Superhero Fit

So I’m going to be honest and admit that the chance of me ‘repping’ anything are extremely low, but *if I did* this seems like a great motivator. In 7 Minute Superhero Workout you don’t work out to stay in shape – you work out to save the world. It has a motion tracker which actually looks like something out of a superhero movie, and using this your punches become missiles and your abdominal crunches charge your Core Reactor.

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Zombies, Run!

Zombies Run

So you probably don’t need me to tell you about this one, but for the uninitiated: Zombies, Run! is a running app which turns each run into a fight for survival in the zombie apocalypse. You work your way through different seasons, not only evading zombies but retrieving supplies, saving people and dealing with day-to-day post-apocalyptic life. There’s danger, but there’s also friendship and lots of laughs.

Also, bonus points: our uber talented author Rebecca Levene is one of the writers!

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