Introducing Pickwick!

By Anne Perry

Posted on June 10, 2013 in News with tags Jasper Fforde, Pickwick, Thursday Next

You may have noticed that Hodderscape looks a little different today. Formerly, our logo was beautiful, an elegant and stripped-down image featuring a crescent waning moon.

But, as we expand into the future, we find ourselves emblazoned with a new logo. And, trotting by our side, we find our brand-new mascot: Pickwick the dodo.

Hodderscape logo dodo

Pickwick, of course, is inspired by and named for the iconic clone-your-own dodo Thursday Next keeps as a pet in Jasper Fforde’s Thursday Next novels. Introduced in The Eyre Affair as a him, we learn in later books that Pickwick, like so many other characters in the series, has a secret or two of, erm, her own.

Our Pickwick was designed by the brilliant Sarah Anne Langton, and has already won the hearts of the entire office. If technology doesn’t yet quite allow us to keep real dodos as pets, then Pickwick will have to fill the gap until it does!


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