Hodderscoop: 3 October 2014

By Anne Perry

Posted on October 3, 2014 in Hodderscoop with tags Scott K. Andrews

News from the Hodderscape team and what’s been happening on the blog this week.

In what might be one of the more soul-crushing art projects ever, artist Hans Eijkelboom photographed a lot of strangers out and about who happened to be wearing… pretty much the same thing. It’s fascinating and also makes me want to start dressing like Lady Gaga.

BzA0kemIIAA5ty_Here’s a video of a leopard killing the heck out of some poor gazelle.

Our favourite guest artist, Chris Taylor-Davies, is back! Isn’t his Puff the Magic Dragon just the cutest?

Feeling blue? Have five minutes to spare? This will restore your faith in humanity.

Meanwhile, the AV Club has taken on Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves. The OP’s essay is a totally valid criticism of the film (which, full disclosure, I love anyway), but the comments are gold. And how often can you say that?


Is this the worst cat?

¬†And here’s what happened on the blog this week!

We revealed the cover – and new title – of JP Smythe’s forthcoming YA novel, WAY DOWN DARK. And Tor.com got very excited about it!

Did you guess this week’s UnCovered? (Click the link and scroll down for the answer!)

Hodderscape Review Project author Jen Williams popped by to introduce the Super Relaxed Fantasy Club. If you are in or around London, love fantasy, and like chilled hang-outs, this is the club for you.

Fleur showed us all a thing or two by teaching us the fine art of decoupage! Would you be willing to sacrifice a book to make something look awesome?ByyfZYPIgAIO63G

Scott K. Andrews’ stunning TimeBomb publishes next week! It’s hard to believe that pub day is so close… we’ll be rolling out all sorts of exciting content in the next few days to celebrate, so keep your eyes peeled, but in the meantime, read all about our favourite time travel narratives, and tell us about your own.

Catch up on all the TimeBomb news by reading the acquisition announcement and checking out the cover! If you’re a fan of proofs… well, we’re all out of them, but they have a special text-only cover and a slightly different ending. Cool, huh?

And be sure to pop by Forbidden Planet on Thursday the 9th to grab a signed copy of TimeBomb and hear Scott, one of the most talented public speakers I’ve ever met – read from the book… and maybe hint a little about what’s up next for Jana, Kaz and Dora.




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