Hodderscoop: 24 October 2014

By Anne Perry

Posted on October 24, 2014 in Books, Film, Hodderscoop with tags

Find out what’s been happening on Hodderscape this week, and other random, but very interesting, news.

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Here’s your Friday afternoon cute: a baby arctic fox. It rolls over and nibbles toes.

And here’s a great article about the highs and lows of adapting Pride & Prejudice, and the novel’s eternal appeal.

And here’s a fascinating map tracking all the borders that have changed in Europe over the last thousand years – in three minutes.

Here’s a picture of a cross-section of grass under a microscope. And it’s happy to see you!

Concept art by @mattlibrarian!

Jean Auel fans – we now have an idea about whether and when our cave-dwelling ancestors were sleeping with the neanderthals!

If you’ve already seen the Age of Ultron trailer – well, you weren’t supposed to see it until next week! Turns out that those scoundrels over at Hydra leaked it.

And here’s what happened on the blog this (busy!) week:

In honour of the publication of A Man Lies Dreaming, we’re giving away four exclusive posters of Tangier, the not-quite-the-classic-movie-you-know from the book – it’s Casablanca from a different time and place. To enter, simply tweet us your best #fakefilm. (A few of the posters people have made are on the right.)

Concept art by @xhellosarahx

Concept art by @xhellosarahx

Halloween is nearly here – and we’re feeling craftsy. Let’s make some stuff! We can craft while hiding from all the things we’re scared of.

Sally Partridge dropped by the blog to retell some classic horror novels… with LEGO.

We scoured the office for supplies to make this week’s UnCovered.

Pat Black prepared us for the inevitable, eventual remake of Jaws. But are we truly ready?


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