Hodderscoop: 18 July 2014

By Anne Perry

Posted on July 18, 2014 in Hodderscoop with tags Animals, Cute

Archaeologists dug up a pre-Incan tomb and found a set of metal claws. (They’re kind of small to be gloves, but who knows!) The discoverers are not sure what the claws were used for, though their speculation is appropriately grisly.

Speaking of grisly, the parasitic worm from The Strain speaks! Man, how would you like it if naked photoshopped pictures of you were posted all over New York? YOU WOULDN’T.

If you read only one movie review this year, make it Adam Roberts’ review of the new Transformers film: ‘[Transformers‘ random plot-points are] all aggregated to create the impression of one of those slightly feverish dreams you have after over-indulging in beer and spicy curry. That’s your movie.’

Hey, here’s a video of a hedgehog and a hamster eating a tiny cake!

If you’ve been enjoying our ‘Off to Work we Dodo’ behind-the-scenes series, here’s one from the perspective of The Author, in which Gail Carriger talks us through the long – very long – process of writing a book.

A postman writes a blog detailing all the cats he scritches on his daily rounds, and it’s absolutely wonderful.

We all know about pairing food and wine, but what about pairing food and astronomy? It’s cosmically delicious!

This young woman has the most wonderful Facebook profile page ever. How many of us are going to spend the weekend trying to bring our own up to snuff?

And here’s what happened on Hodderscape this week!

dodo keyringWe received a shipment of Pickwick keychains! Keep an eye out for them at Nine Worlds and LonCon this summer.

Last year, Michael did some work experience for us and read Smiler’s Fair when it was on submission. He’s back on another work experience stint this summer, and delighted to see that we not only acquired Smiler’s Fair but that we’ll be publishing it in just a couple of weeks. He wrote a bit about the experience for us.

Speaking of work experience, Piryal, who was with us last week, wrote about underrated SFF shows. Like all of us, she loves Arrow. (Among others!)

UnCovered this week was a doozy!

A few of us (including Pickwick?!) manned the Chapter 5 booth at YALC last weekend, and then wrote up the experience. (Spoiler: it was a blast!)

In honour of Smiler’s Fair and it’s, shall we say, memorable opening chapter, we chose our favourite openings for today’s Friday Favourites. What’s the most memorable beginning to a book you’ve ever read?

 Have a great weekend and stay cool!




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  • Jamie @ Mithril Wisdom says:

    Those claws are crazy! They remind me of the demon dog statues in Ghostbusters – was this the original coming of Gozer the Destructor?

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