Hodderscoop: 17 October 2014

By Anne Perry

Posted on October 17, 2014 in Hodderscoop with tags

Welcome to Hodderscoop, our weekly round-up of the best things we clicked on this week and the goings on at Hodderscape HQ.

Here is an adorable baby wombat to make you feel even better about the coming weekend! Though you probably feel okay about the weekend, really.

Gillian Anderson took Buzzfeed’s Which X-Files Character Are You quiz, and… well, you’ll have to click the link to find out what she got. (You can take the quiz yourself here. I got the The Smoking Man: ‘You are completely, and often confusingly, evil. What’s your problem, anyway? it doesn’t even make that much sense.’ I ask myself that daily.)

Nunslinger’s on Tor.com!zoidberg gif

Orgy choreographer, murder food stylist… these are two of Cracked’s 4 Bizarrely Specific Jobs Behind Your Favourite Movies. In an alternate universe, I’m a creature effects specialist. (And here’s a full interview with Janice Poon, Hannibal‘s food stylist. And you really ought to check out her unbelievably cool blog. I may have spent an hour – maybe longer – reading it last night…)

This is old news now, but I just watched the video for the first time – the Zoidberg Project made and floor-tested a real-life Zoidberg costume for the Anaheim WonderCon. It’s pretty incredible (but looks so, so hot. Like, temperature-hot, not spicy-hot.)

And here’s what we got up to on the blog this week!

We love Halloween around these parts, and to get in the mood we asked you to help dress Pickwick up. And you did! This gallery of your work could not be more awesome.

As a teaser for A Man Lies Dreaming, Lavie Tidhar and Neil Struthers dreamed (ahem) up a little comic, ‘A Man Called Wolf.’ You can read it here.

We revealed the cover of Daniel Polansky’s next novel, Those Above. Isn’t it gorgeous? Speaking of covers, you picked up on our UnCovered this week very quickly (but it’s a really cool one, so let’s all go look at it again).

Fleur visited the British Library’s Gothic exhibition, and reported back. It looks brilliant – meet up tomorrow?

And finally, for our Friday Favourites, we chose our favourite alternate histories. (Coincidentally, A Man Lies Dreaming publishes on Thursday next. It’s a ‘twisted masterpiece’ – the Guardian says so!)






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