Hodderscoop: 14 November 2014

By Anne Perry

Posted on November 14, 2014 in Hodderscoop with tags Dinosaurs, Futurama, Iron Man

Check out our weekly round up of news related to topics and events close to the hearts of the Hodderscape Team. This week, dinos and dodos and the Dread Pirate Roberts!

happy dinosaurOMG YOU GUYS WE LANDED A ROCKET ON A COMET. The future is so cool.

The same folks who brought you that terrifying Dr Zoidberg costume have done it again, and this time with Professor Farnsworth. If you’re a Futurama fan – or just like incredible creature effects – you really ought to watch this video.

Cracked has assembled a huge, fascinating list of  the 44 Important Parts of History You’re Picturing Wrong. Go on then. Click the link. It’s Friday!

Here’s a cool article about the feral cats of Disneyland. Yep. Cats!

Iron Man fan? Here are 10 Superior Moments in Iron Man’s Armour‘s history.

Yep, Feminist Princess Bride is as great as everyone is saying it is.

A guerilla artist in Chicago is filling potholes (which are endemic, believe me) with beautiful mosaics.

And here’s what we got up to on the blog this week!

In NaNoDodo news, we took a look at three of our favourite books about writing – On Writing, The Elements of Style and Aspects of the Novel – and then asked you for recommendations. And boy did you deliver!

Beauty and the Beast had its world premiere 23 years ago on Thursday. We took a look back (and discovered that we still love it).

We continued our DiNovember celebrations this week, first by suggesting seven dinosaurs (and one walrus) that you should definitely follow on Twitter, then by catching up with our old friend Philosoraptor (who ponders the imponderable so you don’t have to!) and then by picking out our favourite dinosaurs.




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