Hodderscoop: 13 June 2014

By Anne Perry

Posted on June 13, 2014 in Hodderscoop with tags Hodderscoop

Cthulhu action figures, wales and Dragonlance in this week’s dodo dollop.

Something ate a great white shark. Was it a bigger shark? A sperm whale? A giant squid? Something else entirely? No one has any idea.

The AV Club reconsiders the Dragonlance Chronicles, thirty years after Dragons of Autumn Twilight first published. We’re with the author on this: Raistlin was the best.

You all definitely want these 80s-style Cthulhu action figures. We do!

Cracked put together a list of the five things movies always get wrong about space, which is totally worth a read. For example, ‘traveling in hyperspace would look less like streaking stars and more like how your great-aunt describes her near-death experience.’

Need a writing prompt? Try one of these.

hawkeye9-croppedArtist Stephen Byrne created a wonderful, stylized portrait of all 13 doctors; you can see it here.

This is a strangely hypnotic video of a mockingbird attacking a hawk… for fun, maybe? The hawk certainly couldn’t care less, anyway. For all you Hawkeye/Mockingbird shippers out there… well, this has nothing to do with that. But who doesn’t want those crazy kids to get back together? (Actually, according to that link, they are back together. Shows what I know!) Let’s all go read Matt Fraction & David Aja’s Hawkeye instead.
Today’s art, in honour of the World Cup: “In the opening World Basketchess Cup game the Wood Gonks stun the Cassowaries by flipping a pawn from c5 for 5 points”
Thanks, Chris! (@CTD on Twitter)

Boing Boing dug up a 1949 infographic to help you determine how highbrow or lowbrow your tastes. Out of context it’s hard to be certain, but I suspect it’s actually a joke about the aging process. (Check out the progression in the ‘useful objects’ and ’causes’ columns.)

And here’s what happened on the blog this week!

On Monday we introduced a new feature, ‘It’s off to Work we Dodo’, in which a member of Team Dodo walks you through his or her job. We kicked things off by checking in with The Editor.

Everyone was pretty quick on the draw with this week’s UnCovered – can you figure it out?

We revealed the cover for the third and final installment in Tad Williams’ Bobby Dollar series, Sleeping Late on Judgement Day. Doesn’t it look grand?

Hodderscape teammate Caleb put the Marvel cinematic franchise under the lens as a way of discussing the need for risk-taking in story-telling. It’s a fascinating piece!

To celebrate Tom Harper’s forthcoming novel, Zodiac Station, we put together a click-baity list of interesting facts about the arctic. What do polar bears and Norse dragons have in common? Idris Elba! Or something like that.

getimageOur Friday Favourites this week are also in honour of Zodiac Station (which, you may have gathered, takes places in the frozen far north). What did Team Hodderscape choose as their favourite examples of icy peril?

(And don’t forget, ‘Polar Vortex’, a short story stand-alone prequel to Zodiac Station, is still free to download anywhere fine ebooks are sold – but only until next Thursday!)

Finally, the David Gemmell Legend Awards are tonight, and our very own Daniel Polansky’s She Who Waits is up for the Ravenheart Award for Best Cover Art. Check out the competition and the other titles by the same artist, Rhett Podersoo, in our roundup post!


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