Hodderscape Review Project: Speed of Dark Review Roundup

By Anne Perry

Posted on May 30, 2014 in Books with tags Elizabeth Moon, Hodderscape Review Project, Speed Of Dark

May’s Hodderscape Review Project title is Speed of Dark, by Elizabeth Moon. Orbit editor Jenni Hill introduced the title here. Now let’s find out how the reviewers responded! (We’ll be updating this page as the reviews are published.)

Stefan of Civilian Reader calls it ‘a superb, endearing and moving modern classic… illuminating, engaging and moving.’ Read the review here.

Glen Mehn was ‘compelled’ by the book: ‘Not in the “It’s lunchtime, therefore read” sense; rather “I can get another few pages in”.’ Read the full review here.

Jamie of Mithril Wisdom found Lou an engaging character: ‘Moon has written a believable and sympathetic character, and not just because of his condition. Being inside Lou’s head and experiencing things in his way (like the way he focuses on minute details of objects and how he interprets things in terms of music) made him an engaging character.’ Read the full review here.


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