Hodderscape Advent Day 1

By The Hodderscape Team

Posted on December 1, 2014 in Competition, Hodderscape Advent with tags Advent, James Treadwell

Hodderscape Advent returns! Last year we had a merry ol’ time bringing you a little festive treat every day in the lead up to Christmas, and this year we’re back to bring you giveaways, cool content and tidbits from our awesome authors.

On day one we are continuing the tradition and giving away a copy of Advent, the first book in James Treadwell’s magical Advent series. Just head on over to Twitter!



For centuries it has been locked away

Lost beneath the sea

Warded from earth, air, water, fire, spirits, thought and sight.

But now magic is rising to the world once more.

And a boy called Gavin, who thinks only that he is a city kid with parents who hate him, and knows only that he sees things no one else will believe, is boarding a train, alone, to Cornwall.

No one will be there to meet him.

The final instalment in James Treadwell’s Advent trilogy, Arcadia, is out February 2015.


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