Happy 25th birthday to The Little Mermaid

By Naomi Berwin

Posted on November 17, 2014 in Film with tags Disney, The Little Mermaid

Continuing our celebration of Disney anniversaries, today The Little Mermaid turns 25! That’s right – it was a quarter of a century ago that Ariel first swam onto cinema screens.

Now, I happen to have re-watched The Little Mermaid a few weeks ago, so my thoughts about it are right at the forefront of my mind. So here we go…


It’s about a mermaid. Duh.

It has a wealth of truly excellent songs – my favourite is Kiss the Girl (calypso in a Disney film = awesome), closely followed by Under the Sea.

It features a crab with a Jamaican accent.

It contains the lyrics ‘Darling it’s better down where it’s wetter’ – genius.

Flounder is adorable.


The whole thing rests on the premise that Ariel is willing to give up everything, including her voice, for the chance to be with the man she loves. But how can she possibly love him when she’s only seen him once and they’ve never even had a conversation?? I don’t think this struck me as particularly odd on my first viewing (aged approximately 6), but now…

However, I think it’s probably for the best not to focus on this one fatal flaw, and instead to just revel in the good stuff like this:

The Little Mermaid - Sebastian .gif

The Little Mermaid - Ursula .gif

The Little Mermain - Founder .gif

Tremendous. Happy birthday, Little Mermaid!

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