Bring a touch of class to your workplace with these geeky decorations

By Fleur Clarke

Posted on April 8, 2015 in Fun Stuff with tags Life in Publishing

As you may have gathered from the glamorous pictures of cardboard boxes on our Twitter, we’re moving offices. Hachette is upping sticks and relocating to a swanky new set up by the river. While the dodo is one classy bird, she also likes everyday objects shaped like dinosaurs. So here are a few office decorations we have our eye on.

Store business cards with a magnetic Dune sand worm


dune-sand-worm--dunewall-hanging-metal-art--magnet-1  Dune Sand Worm Magnet Board

You can find this on Etsy (but, of course).

Nothing says business like a magnetic sand worm, and this here is the perfect way to keep your business card in place (full disclosure: we’d probably just put weird postcards on it). If you think it’s a bit understated, you can also get it in pink!


Handle staples like an apex predator

Shark Stapler T Rex Staple Remover

Get the shark here and dinosaur here.

Just when those loose pieces of paper thought they were safe to go floating around the office, along came a stapler shaped like shark. And just in case removing staples wasn’t bad ass enough, you could be doing it using a tyrannosaurus rex skull. Admittedly it is $78 but you can’t put a price on feeling like a total hard ass while you go about your daily office chores.


Add a touch of greenery and a whole lot of geekery

Dinosaur Plant Holder Repurposed Circuit Plant Pot

Get the golden dinosaur here and the metal holders here.

Day of the Triffids type situations not included, having a plant at your desk is a great way to brighten up the space and trick yourself into feeling like your outside when in fact you haven’t seen the sun in a week.

What better way to celebrate the brontosaurus’s return to the dinosaur fold than by sticking a plant in it? But, if you’d prefer something a bit more heavy duty these repuposed motorcyle carburettors look straight out of a post-apocalyptic blockbuster.


 Open letters in style

Game of Thrones Letter OpenerZombie Letter Opener
Get the swords here and the zombie fingers here.
Once in a blue moon we do receive the odd letter. But, when we do we want to open it in style. The Game of Thrones letter openers shaped like Ice and Longclaw are undoubtedly the best way to treat any raven mail, but we could also do with a zombie finger as well.


Keep your books upright with a pair of fancy book ends

Scroll BookendsDragon Book Ends

Get the gothic scrolls here and the dragon here.

I’ve always dreamed of living in some kind of old, ruinous gothic mansion/church/crypt (dashing vampire including, please), and I feel like these scroll book ends are a step in the right direction. We have quite a lot of books in the office, so we might need the dragon ones as well. Just to be safe.


Stick pictures of your loved ones on the wall

Chosen One Buffy Poster


Get here.Saint of Sunnydale Buffy Poster

 Get here.

Spike Buffy Poster


Get here.

It’s always nice to have pictures of your nearest and dearest around the place, and these Buffy posters are pretty great.


And finally, store everything in one magnificent zombie head (warning: this has a tragic back story)

This has been discontinued, which is the only way we can account for every desk in Hodder & Stoughton not having one already because it’s such a space saver. And classy too.

Zombie Desk Organiser

See what you could have had here. 


Have anything cool keeping your letters/paperclips/sense of geekery safe in your workplace? Show it off in the comments!


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