Friday Favourites: things that are cheering us up this week

By Hodderscape Team

Posted on November 11, 2016 in Friday Favourites, Fun Stuff with tags

What a week. While we definitely don’t want to bury our heads in the sand, here are a few things we’ve been using to cheer ourselves up in between the apocalyptic headlines.

Kitten Cam


This week year has been a hard one for the world, we aren’t feeling very loved and the everything that has been going on has us feel like we’re in one-sided relationship with karma… it keeps taking and taking while never giving anything back, we think it’ll end but slowly it just gets worse and worse.

So what do I do when karma’s a *ahem*? I watch the Kitten Cam. It is literally a live feed of adorable kittens enjoying their lives and having a good time – they play fight, sleep and generally look super cute. It’s a guaranteed pick-me-up, sans the caffeine abuse. Watch in the afternoon to see maximum play-time and don’t say I never give you anything.

– Sharan

A Royal Affair


I’m a period drama addict, so when times are tough I turn to swoony romantic period pieces – movies, tv shows and books – to lift my mood. I recently rewatched A Royal Affair (though I turned it off before they all die; I’m not a monster. Sidenote: why must Mads Mikkelsen persist in choosing roles in films where his character dies at the end?) when I was having a bad day, and started reading a new Eloisa James novel (My American Duchess) on Wednesday night, having spent Tuesday night awake and watching the election returns. By Wednesday I really needed something delightful and fluffy to take my mind off the results.

– Anne


Cat Cosplay

In Japan, cat cafe Nekoya has sharing pictures of their furry employees in superhero costumes. My personal favourite is the very grumpy little yoda.

– Fleur


The Mass Effect Trailer

7th November marked N7 day, and saw the release of the new Mass Effect: Andromeda trailer. The trailer didn’t reveal much about the game (if anything, really), but I’m psyched. Plus I went onto the Mass Effect website and signed up to the Andromeda Initiative. See you in 600 years.

– Aimee




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