Friday Favourites: eighties tributes

By Daisy Thatcher

Posted on September 9, 2016 in Books, Television with tags Comics

Over the past few years the 80’s has shown that it is making a comeback through TV, books and comics in a massive way, Stranger Things and Paper Girls being released this year has shown and proved that actually the 80’s is a time no one could forget. Although I never got to actually see the 80’s because I hadn’t been born until 1994 I like to think my general knowledge through binge watching 21 jump street and anything starring Molly Ringwald gives me a good idea of what I missed.

© Image Comics

© Image Comics

Paper Girls

Set in 1988, Paper Girls is a totally unique and mind bending comic about friendship, discovering yourself and the last days of childhood whilst simultaneously trying to hold down a job and save the world from aliens sent from the future.

I loved this comic, the art work is beyond beautiful and the characters are so kick ass that it’s hard to pick a favourite – honestly it’s impossible. Each of the girls have such strong personalities that you wouldn’t think they are meant to be 12 year olds, that and the fact they swear, smoke, fiercely support one another against teenage boys and are happy to use a gun when necessary is also a factor. The language, clothes and technology used in the book was a constant reminder that 1. Our world today is very different 2. We have missed out clothing wise (hairstyles not so much) and 3. Fighting aliens in the morning after Halloween would have been a lot easier if they just had an IPhone.

Honestly the accidental time travelling, alien fighting paper girls of 80’s suburban America are not ones to mess with or miss.


© Netflix

© Netflix

Stranger Things

Stranger Things an ultimate ode to the 80’s in EVERY POSSIBLE WAY for SO many reasons that I’m not totally sure where to begin. Set in 1983 Stranger things is about Will Byers, a 12 year old boy who goes missing after an evening of playing dungeons and dragons with his friends and the terrifying search for him which ends up affecting everyone from Wills mother Joyce (Winona Ryder –YES WINONA RYDER) to his best friends sister’s kind of kind of not boyfriend.

Stranger Things is not only set in the 80’s but references classics like E.T., Alien, The X Files and The Goonies, to be honest this list is endless but you get it – the creepy and wonderful classics of the 80’s with a darker twist. The series is so addictive I honestly binged watched it in a day and felt emotionally exhausted afterwards, from my love for Winona Ryder’s character’s justified mental and not so mental breakdown to Millie Browns character Eleven discovering for the first time what genuine care, friendship and sacrifice is, this show has everything you could possibly want – emotion, action, betrayal, psychological tournament and murderous creatures from a parallel universe.

Oh and Millie Brown rocking a shaved head whilst using her psychological powers to battle faceless creatures and save the day while The Clash is playing.



© Whv

The Regular Show

Now hear me out, The Regular Show at first glance is just a kid’s cartoon currently showing on Cartoon Network about two characters, Ribgy (a raccoon) and Mordecai (a blue jay) and their general day to day adventures. However the show’s creator J.G. Quintel LOVES the 80’s and has tried to infuse as many 80’s references in as he possibly can without blowing the minds of the iPhone generation.

The show is has everything from Rigby and Modecai spending a whole episode embarking on a quest to find a VHS cassette to strange real life situations like trying to take on a man vs. food type challenge because the customer is always right. Trust me this Emmy award winning show has old school references with quick wit and a bunch of general weirdness putting it in different league to others that are around at the moment.




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