Friday Favourites: moments from Jurassic Park

By Hodderscape Team

Posted on June 12, 2015 in Film, Friday Favourites with tags Dinosaurs

Jurassic World is finally here! If you’re at all familiar with the contents of this blog you’ll know that we’ll probably collectively watch it at least 100 times. But, until then, we’re taking a look back at where it all began and sharing our favourite moments from Jurassic Park.

Welcome to Jurassic Park

My mom saw Star Wars in the cinema when it first came out, and can still describe the chills she felt down her spine during the opening scene when an Imperial Star Destroyer crawls at glorious length across the screen.

Jurassic Park was the Star Wars of my generation. I was 13 when it came out, I saw it on the biggest screen in the area with a bunch of friends, and was so tense during the kitchen scene that I basically fused a handful of popcorn into a solid ball. It was awesome. The entire movie, obviously, is one glorious ride, but the scene I’ve got to claim as my favourite is the famous ‘welcome to Jurassic Park’ scene – the moment Alan Grant and Ellie Sattler first see the brachiosauruses. Until that moment Spielberg has only teased the audience with glimpses of dinosaurs and hints of the now-famous theme. But then, at long last, Grant, Sattler and finally the audience see a full-sized, fully-alive dinosaur. As the soundtrack swells and our jaws collectively drop, the dino rears up, roars, and falls back to earth with an audible, theatre-shaking thud. The entire scene is a masterclass in direction but the sum is even greater than its parts. The scene gave me chills the first time I saw it and still does today.

– Anne

When Dennis gets killed by a deceptively cute dinosaur

My favourite part of Jurassic Park is also the bit that scared me the most. I watched it at the cinema with my mum and a friend and, showing my age now, I remember there were many kids there definitely under 12 and I thought, ‘wow, this is going to be scary for them!’. By the end I was petrified and those kids were still laughing.

 Dennis, a park computer network engineer, gets eaten. Yep, that’s my favourite part. In his attempt to make money out of the science that brought Jurassic Park to life he gets into trouble fleeing in the storm and ends up, rather poetically, falling on his own sword… metaphorically. His car goes crashing into one of the now unfenced enclosures and he’s greeted by a very mogwai-sounding, and kind of cute, miniature dinosaur. Dino promptly goes all Jekyll and Hyde on him and spits lethal gooey gunk into his eyes and then gobbles him up. Big ol’ Dennis would have been an ample meal!

– Amy

‘Clever Girl’

Game warden Robert Muldoon actually knows a thing or two about dinosaurs and had a healthy dose of respect/fear for them. But this doesn’t save him from being double teamed by a couple of velociraptors. He still managed to get a good line in… just before he becomes dinosaur dinner.

– Fleur

When the T-Rex eats a lawyer on the toilet

My favourite Jurassic Park moment when the lawyer gets eaten by a T-Rex whilst on the toilet.    I remember finding that moment so scary as a small child, the way he gets flung around with his legs hanging out the dinosaur’s mouth and the sheer horror of being mid-whatever on the loo and being faced with imminent death.    However on a recent watch I couldn’t help but find the whole thing really funny.    Just before he gets scoffed and he’s staring the T-Rex on the face, the lawyer man decides this is the perfect moment to wipe the run off his face and slick back his hair with it.   The whole thing is just brilliant!

– Ellie

And last, but most certainly not least…

When Ian Malcolm took his shirt off

Ian Malcolm

Ian Malcolm flaunting his awesome self with the swag levels of a boss. Got to love the open shirt and the soul-piercing stare.

– Sharan



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